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Musings of an aspiring Designer/Developer

I wrote this post originally for a final summation of my Visual Aesthetics class, but I like what came out of this posted and felt is appropriate to share here as well! If you had asked me in August if I was designer or interested in design, I would have probably laughed and said a … Continue reading »

Motion Typography and Animation in Flash

While we didn’t cover animation in a particular assignment this semester, I became intrigued by the subject when working on a Kinetic Typography assignment for Visual Aesthetics. I started working on this motion typography of the “Mad as Hell Speech” from Sidney Lumet’s 1976 film “Network” in AfterEffects, but soon switched to Flash as the … Continue reading »

There’s a lot to learn from the end of Mobile Flash

With the recent announcement by Adobe to no longer develop Mobile Flash it has raised interesting debate in the industry as to the relevance of Flash. Some claim Adobe is caving to Apple, that it’s the beginning of the end for Flash as whole, or that it signals the rise of HTML5 as the dominate … Continue reading »

Look mom, I made my own augmented reality!

This post is the 19th in a series for a graduate course called Theory and Audience Analysis. For the course, I will be posting weekly questions and follow-up analysis about the various readings we are assigned. This post is an a ridiculously awesome example of augmented reality, well at least awesome that I got it … Continue reading »

Fun to play, hard to make

Try out the game here: ¬† For our second major project in Producing Interactive Media we were to create a Flash game, not an easy task my classmates and I quickly learned. I was inspired to make a storybook game and chose to use the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. I had grand plans … Continue reading »

Flash Project #1

We submitted our first substantial Flash projects this week in Producing Interactive Media. I wrote about a lot of what I had learned while doing this project in a previous post, but here is project itself! I tweeted about it a few days ago and GetGlue retweeted it to their followers (more than 100,000!), so … Continue reading »

Thank goodness for find and replace

So I’ve just completed my first extensive Flash project for my grad Producing Interactive Media course. The task was to create an interactive infographic using the culmination of knowledge we have gained so far. I decided to piggy back off of my current theory course research topic (Social TV) and do a graphic that evaluates … Continue reading »

End of Flash as we know it?

With Microsoft’s recent announcement that their new “Metro” Internet Explorer 10 browser won’t be plug-in compatible when they roll out Windows 8, a lot of sources are writing about the end of Flash, or at least Flash as we know it. It’s an idea that Apple really started with the iPad and iPhone not being … Continue reading »

What the Boolean?

What is Boolean? – a soup ingredient? gold? Nope. Turns out it’s basically the foundations of computer science. I noticed the Boolean term has come up in a few of our readings and most noticeably as a variable in Flash, so I decided to do some investigating and try to figure out what the heck … Continue reading »

Resources for Flash errors

Forums are a great source of info to help when trying to combat a Flash error. Some tips for using them effectively! Don’t just post asking for help right away, first try and see if there are already threads about your problem (I can pretty much gaurantee there are). Copy and paste your entire error … Continue reading »