Give me light rail, or give me death!

It may be a bit dramatic to summon Patrick Henry, but Seattle needs better public transportation, it just does!

There is no arguing with this GIF (Source: Geekwire) about the importance of investing in transit options, especially light rail, and NOT giant car tunnels!

Seattle Subway is a great advocacy organization that has the right idea about Seattle needing to think big about it’s transit future.

Seattle Should Demand High-Quality Rail

I sold my car the minute I moved to Seattle, it was a no brainer as I lived and worked on Capitol Hill. Parking wasn’t worth the hassle and the bus was able to get me to my most frequented needs. But then I started playing soccer, and all of a sudden I needed to get to Greenlake and West Seattle and Georgetown and Colombia City, often during rush hour. The bus just couldn’t cut it, I’d either miss an entire half or show up hours early. I’d never be able to leave work early enough to account for two or three connections.

So I started bumming rides from teammates and borrowing my Mom’s car. I’m lucky to have those options available, but that’s not what I should need to do. We should be able to get to all of Seattle’s neighborhoods in an efficient, environmentally-friendly manner. I want others to be able to have access to the great offerings of Seattle’s unique neighborhoods, and not be limited by distance or shackled with car ownership in order to take a job, pursue education opportunities or participate in extra curricular activities.

Capitol Hill’s Link Station is set to open in 2016, a great step that will help connect Capitol Hill to the University District, Downtown, SODO, Columbia City, Rainier Beach, Tukwila and SEATAC, but there is still so much more of Seattle to connect.