Day 9+10 – Saying goodbye the Yucatan

For our last two days in Mexico, we visited one of the ancient wonders of the world and swam in the Gulf of Mexico. After all the hard work we’ve put into these past 10 days, it was wonderful to have some fun in the beautiful weather. Everywhere around us we were still seeing inspiration and enjoying the culture. It was strange leaving behind the authenticity of Cacalchen and entering the glossy tourist-driven Cancun, however, as we will soon be back in the United States – I guess it had to happen eventually.

Now that we have collected all of our content, hashed out vision and details with our client, and found inspiration on which to build upon – it’s time to return to Elon University, where we will have 10 days (ONLY 10 days) to complete and present this website project.

It’s going to be intense, but I think the bonding experience of going through this journey together will keep the team strong and focused on the task at hand.