Day 8 – Yucatan, Mexico

It was our last day at Academia Natanael in Cacalchen. Production wise we just had to shoot a few pickup interviews and focus on some more artistic and composed photos of the kids. The real purpose of today was to have a last big meeting with our client. Our Design Team has been working on a logo throughout our time here and after we hashed out lots of informational details they got to unveil it to the Academy team. It was a rave success! The logo captured the spirit of our week with the school and it seemed to inspire the staff. We still have to finalize our color scheme and fine tune the logo font once we return to Elon, but for now it feels like we have a true vision for this website project.

After the design team presented, development sat down with Kyle to discuss the logistics of hosting, domain registration, paypal setup, etc. It took a while with our slow internet connection, but by dinner time we had purchased a domain! In a few short weeks we’ll have a fully functioning site at We chose Nat Acad as the domain because it was short, catchy and works well for the site whether the user is Spanish or English speaking. Natanael Academy and Natanael Academia are both NatAcad!

The evening ended on a particularly sweet note as we surprised our classmate Kate with a PiƱata. It’s her birthday tomorrow and we wanted to celebrate with the kids before we leave.