Day 6 – Yucatan, Mexico

Academia Natanael was closed this Monday for maintenance and administrative organization. It meant that the school was quite and most of the staff was around, a perfect day to do interviews! Since we have gotten a grasp of our client’s needs and our needs for the website, we were ready to do a in-depth interview with Kyle, the Association’s director.

It was a high pressure production opportunity, but we had a great team assembled complete with two cameras, an audio person, interviewer and producer. Since Kyle was doing his interview in English it removed the language barrier and let us focus on getting the best video quality possible. One of our light kits arrived in Mexico broken and I was worried about shooting in one of the classrooms. Outside wasn’t an option because the Yucatan sun is just too bright! Instead we had to get some situational creativity and create a three-point lighting system with two windows and a doorway. It may sound far-fetched but our lighting turned out beautiful. We bounced full sunlight off the tile floor as our main source and were able to position our subject within the light of two windows to get a nice fill and back light. Looking at the footage you would think we were on a full set!

In the evening we went back to San Antonio Sodzil to collect more footage and photos and spend some more time with the kids. As I explored the Albergue center more I was shocked to discover a full-fledge radio station and computer lab. In this tiny village of less than 500 people, this center is providing some amazing opportunities for the children.

When the sun went down and it became too hard to get decent shots, we put down our cameras (or in my case handed the point-and-shoot over to the eager kids) and just played. There was a rousing game of boys vs. girls soccer. We capped the evening off with a visit with all the children to a little mobile circus that was in the village for the night. It consisted of a fire-eater, hula hooper, and clown-skit. You haven’t experienced life until you’ve sat in the middle of a tiny circus, with electricity run by a car battery, in a the middle of nowhere in a foreign country. Sitting there while sharing some popcorn and hot sauce with the kids is something I will never forget!