Day 5 – Yucatan, Mexico

It’s been quiet with the school closed over the weekend, but it provides a great time to come together as a group and plan for the rest of our time here. We are already half way through the trip and we still have so much to accomplish in the next few days. We have gotten a good grasp of the story we want to tell about the Natanael Center and are ready to get the rest of the material we need to complete this project.

Today we were able to enjoy some more cultural experiences. This morning we went to market in Cacalchen and I got to stretch my photography skills. I also discovered “El Gato” Tortilleria, where the owner showed me the whole process of making the amazing corn tortillas that we have had with almost ever meal here. It was amazing to see the corn go from the bag into giant pots on a wood fire to becoming cornmeal and into an archaic but functional tortilla press. We were able to eat some of the tortillas fresh off the press and the were probably the best I ever had!

In the evening we went into Merida, the Yucatan capital. It felt strange being in such a large city after experiencing the tiny Yucatan villages the last few days. The cultural impact of the Mayans was very diluted in this more modern city and it lacked the same charm and warmth of Cacalchen and Izamal. However, it was fun dancing in the streets to a big band during their night time festivities.