Day 4 – Yucatan, Mexico

After the productivity of yesterday, today was about having a valuable cultural experience. For the most part we put down the video cameras and the photography equipment (except for personal use) and we explored more of the Yucatan.

Our first stop was to the nearby Mayan city of Izamal. The entire city is done in a colonial style and painted the most gorgeous shade of yellow, which we have named Izamal yellow. We were able to climb one of the ancient Mayan pyramids and explore the city in smaller groups. It was nice to shed the group herd mentality and have some authentic experiences one-on-one. I was able to talk to some of the local people we met and was surprised how much my Spanish has improved since we arrived just a few days ago.

In the evening we experienced the full-scale bullfight. While it was interesting to see “bull soccer” the experience was a bit of culture-shock with the cruelty to the bull and the crowded wooden arena structure.